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Who are you? What do you want to achieve?

Just a friendly neighbourhood folks and parents who wish to do good in the world, both for parents and their children.

Why? Just, why?

This site exists because the need for it exists. Only the best is good enough for our children, so why should we corrupt them with bad genes even before they are born? Why should we condemn them to a lifetime of struggles by bestowing genetic diseases onto them? Why make the next generation suffer if we have an option to lessen their life struggles by providing them with better genes. The society is changing in a dramatic way. The cumulative knowledge of human race doubles every decade. The available jobs are changing to intelectual ones. Robots are taking over the low-end jobs. Will your child be ready for the dramatic changes coming in the future? It will certainly be a struggle. With the help of this site, you can equip your future child with the tools needed to prosper in the brave new world. Changes are coming. The question is, will we be able to adapt to them? And the answer is, Not if we stay as we are.

I’m already born. Can this site help me?

No. Sorry. It’s too late for you. You’re screwed. Your parents didn't care enough for you to give you better genes. You’re stuck with what they threw your way. You have our condolences. The good news is, you can still offer better genes to your child than the ones you got. It would be a gift that would keep on giving through generations to come. Make sure the parent of your future child will have good genes. This site can help you with that.

How can I use this site?

This site is primarily made for the parents that genuinely care about the wellbeing and health of their future children. However, if you wish to use it to find yourself a capable person to interact with (either for personal or professional needs), you can do that as well.

The family is not about genetic superiority, but love.

In the current society, the family plays a major role in one’s early life. The majority of one’s life, however, is mostly dependent on one’s own resolve and potential. There are many factors that go into one’s general wellbeing. One’s health only one of many but still an important one. If we ignore the child’s genetic makeup, it might be to the child’s peril. Even if you use this site to increase your chances to produce a healthy baby, your family can still revolve around love and intimacy. This site does not undermine family values. It merely gives parents the option of increased chance to produce a healthy child.

This site is objectifying sex

Sex can be something romantic, wonderful and intimate. This site does not oppose this view or any other family values. If anything, it gives people like you an opportunity to find a compatible partner, not just for production of babies, but also to achieve harmony by finding their soulmates. It is, however, also true that a child can be produced without sex (via artificial insemination) and this site can be used for that purpose as well. It’s up to people to decide how they’ll use this site. The site itself does not condemn nor condone sex.

Life is not not about superiority, it’s all about happiness.

How happy are you when you’re ill? Why not spare the children of tomorrow from ill-induced unhappiness? Why not take steps to ensure a birth of a healthy, happy baby?

Making a child is an emotional, not rational decision.

Though that may be the case, it can lead to a detriment for the child. There’s nothing wrong in using emotions in decision making, as long as those decisions don’t harm others. When it comes to ensuring a birth of a healthy baby, some rationale is a good supplement to emotional aspects of forming a family. This site addresses the objective aspects of producing healthy children.

That’s like your opinion, man!

Though placing importance to one’s genetic qualities may sound subjective, there are many studies that prove close connection between one’s health and genetic predispositions.

You’re playing with human lives.

If ensuring that children are born healthy is playing with their lives, then yes, we are playing with human lives; just like a mother plays with a human life when she offers a coat to her child who’s feeling cold in the winter’s breeze.

Genetics are all about luck.

Have you seen a blue-eyed parents give birth to a green-eyed child? Most likely not. If it was up to luck, such things would be a common occurrence. Ask yourself, if two black-skin parents produce a child, will the color of the child skin really be purely a result of luck? Even though skin color is one of the irrelevant genetic traits, it certainly isn’t determined by luck alone. Similarly for other genetic traits, among which some are desirable and beneficial to the child.

There’s a chance that two genetically superior humans will produce a genetically inferior offspring.

And there’s a chance that if go through the crossing when you have a green light that a car will slam against you. It doesn’t mean that it was wrong of you to go through the green light as you should. It just means that you were unlucky. The next time you attempt the crossing, you should still wait for the green light because the chances of a good result is better than if you were to make a crossing through a red light. Though genetically inferior humans have a chance to produce a genetically superior human, genetically superior partners do that more consistently and to a greater degree.

Physical health is not the only thing that matters. Mental health is just as important.

Indeed. Did you know that many mental ailments are linked to genetic precursors? Let us ensure our children have a healthy life. Both physically and mentally. Let’s give them quality genes to have a head start in life.

Is affecting the genes of the unborn baby even legal?

In the current society, the parents of the future child still choose each other based on their own criteria. If the criteria for the mate involves the aim to produce a healthy baby, that’s their own prerogative which the law does not impede upon.

Mating with genetically superior partners wouldn’t produce genetically superior children.

We’ve tested this on stock and crops for millennia. No food that you can buy in stores today existed 10 000 years ago. We’ve successfully advanced the plants and animals we cared about. This site answers the obvious question: Shouldn’t we also care about our own offsprings? The answer is a resounding Yes! We should care about the wellbeing of our children. This site aims to contribute to the goal of granting health and potential to the next generation of humans.

How does this solve education?

Do you find it normal that it takes us 30 years to educate a person? What if you were told that we could do it in half the time, not by better education but by ensuring that our children don’t have genetic learning disabilities.

You’re not better than me!

Genetically superior people have equal rights to the inferior ones. Such should also be the case in the future. The equality does not require sameness. If a person is ill, the person still has the same rights as the healthy ones. We should not strive to infect healthy people to ensure equality. In fact, we should attempt to make as much people healthy and as few people ill as possible. Same for genetic predispositions for health and one’s potential. We should strive to make people better, not worse. This site is not condemning genetically inferior people in any way. They should have the same rights as everyone else. We just want to see more healthy babies in the world, that’s all.

This site is racist!

The variance between races is smaller than the variance between individuals. In other words, you're better off reproducing with the smarterst person of the dummbest race than with the dumbest person of the smartest race. To produce a healthy baby, race plays a small role. And on another note, from the perspective of preserving the size of the genetic pool, children from mixed races are a good thing.

If you succeed with this, the already small genetic pool of humans will decrease even further.

Yes, that is true. Though the genetic variance among the species is an important factor when adapting to new environments, we should not forget that humans are one of the most successful species on Earth, despite having a small genetic pool. Another thing to note is that not all genetic variance is positive. If we managed to drive certain genetic diseases to extinction, it would not be to our detriment.

In order for this to work, there would have to be a whole system designed around it.

If just one child is born with a greater potential due to this site’s existence, then this site has served its purpose. We’re not trying to turn the world upside down, the site, however, is attempting to offer a small, but important, step into a better future for everyone.

The society isn’t ready for this.

Neither was it ready when Galileo discovered that Earth isn’t the center of the universe. Neither was it ready when women demanded voting rights. The society won’t be ready until we make it ready.

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