Corona COVID-19 memes:


should have used

Immune to

Corona-chan is a bit yandere  but that's okay if your parents used

Use  or Corona-chan will date your child

I'm trying to tell you that when you're ready to use, your child won't have a need for COVID-19 cure

You don’t need a cure for COVID-19 if you’re immune to it

Eugenics Crusade memes:

With I was able to conceive a perfect baby

I was afraid my child wouldn't be perfect  so I used

Avoid having a trash baby

This is how your daughter will look when she's 50

I don't need to use  I'm already evolved plenty.  *goes extinct

Ask not what eugenics can do for you but what can do for your child.

World War 3 is coming, time for eugenics 2.0

Ensuring quality babies. Since Sparta!

I don't know who to vote for  None of the candidates were spawned by

I think it's immoral to use artificial selection  *goes extinct

Honey come to bed Sorry babe gotta find us a genious biological father for our future baby at

They may take our lives but they can't take away the good genes we passed down with the help of

Good genes are a gift that keeps on giving through generations.

With www America could be great again

Don't let human devolution take its course, use www to prevent this.

I want to live a good life, but my parents didn't use

At least you know your parents loved you. But my parents didn’t even use when they had me.

Remember when people didn't use Pepe remembers.

And then the normies praised the product of

This can not go on anymore, humans. Either you use to evolve yourself or we will destroy you.